International Wound Journal features Accel-Heal

A new report detailing the fantastic results of Accel-Heal has just been published in the peer review International Wound Journal. 
The article highlights the early impacts Accel-Heal can have on a range of different hard-to-heal wounds and associated pain. 
Accel-Heal was applied for 12 days to 40 non-healing wounds. Many patients were experiencing high pain levels with sleep disruption, impacting their quality of life. 
The electrical stimulation from Accel-Heal improved a high proportion of wounds and had a significant effect on pain reduction, resulting in many cases the discontinuation of analgesia and improved well-being.
According to the report, “78% of wounds showed a marked positive clinical response”. Significantly, “almost every patient (96%) with pain experienced reduction within 48 hours and all patients with painful wounds experienced pain reduction after seven days”. 

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