Establishment and inaugural meeting of the Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board

Accel-Heal are delighted to announce the establishment of a Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board comprised of eminent experts in the fields of Wound Healing research, science, clinical practice, pain management and health economics.


The Board is chaired by Dr Robin Martin, PhD, Independent Scientific Consultant and is joined by the following members:

Dr Leanne Atkin, PhD, MHSc, RGN.

Lecturer/Practitioner and Vascular Nurse Consultant, University of Huddersfield.

Dr Ardeshir Bayat, BSc (Hons), MB, BS PhD.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research Group, University of Manchester.

Dr John Posnett, BA, DPhil.

Independent Health Economics Consultant.

Dr Amelia Swift, MSc, PhD, RGN, PGCE(HE)

Senior Lecturer (Nursing) Medical School, Birmingham.

Biographies of the board members are detailed here.


The role of the Advisory Board is to provide independent advice and guidance to the Accel-Heal team on key clinical and scientific aspects of its technology platform and specifically its Accel‑Heal® treatment device.

The inaugural meeting of the Advisory Board was held in York on 8/9th November 2018 where the board critiqued the technology and made recommendations as to how to further improve the scientific and clinical positioning of Accel‑Heal®, including suggestions for further research. All agreed Accel‑Heal® has shown significant potential in improving wound healing outcomes and symptom management such as pain, when used in conjunction with good clinical practice.


Dr. Robin Martin, Advisory Board Chair, commented.

“We had a high-energy meeting with some robust discussions and agreed a clear future strategy: exactly what you hope from an advisory board!”


Andy Boyes, Chief Executive Officer commented.

“The team at Accel-Heal are all very excited about the potential for Accel‑Heal®. We are however also clear that the guidance of independent experts in the field is critical to ensuring we take the right steps forward and to ensure the technology becomes established as a credible and important new tool for clinicians to improve wound healing outcomes. In this regard we are very grateful for the excellent contributions of the Advisory Board so far and look forward to working with this group as we move forward.”

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