Frequently asked questions from our clinicians and patients.

How soon will I see results with Accel-Heal?

Accel-Heal stimulates the normal wound healing process during threapy. Wounds can then progress afterwards to healing. Reduction in pain, exudate and oedema may also be observed within days after starting the therapy.

Will I feel anything during Accel-Heal treatment?

The electrical pulses generated by the Accel-Heal device are subsensory which means that they would not normally be felt. You may, however, experience a slight tingling sensation. This is normal and not a cause for concern. You should not experience any pain or discomfort during Accel-Heal therapy. In the unlikely event that you do, the device should be switched off and the electrode pads removed immediately.

Will the treatment affect my ability to continue with my day-to-day activities?

No – Accel-Heal is small, portable and discreet. This means that the device can be tucked into the external dressing on your wound or your clothing so you can carry on as normal.

How big is the Accel-Heal device?

Accel-Heal is a small, portable and discreet device that measures just 7cm x 4cm x 2cm.

Do all patients have to complete the full 12-day treatment course?

Yes – the 12-day treatment must be completed for all sized wounds. For most chronic wounds, one treatment course is required to achieve effective outcomes.

Can I shower whilst having the Accel-Heal treatment?

You must ensure the device is kept dry. You can shower if you have a showerproof covering to prevent the dressings and device getting wet.

What happens after the 12-day treatment course?

You will continue with your standard wound treatment including compression therapy if appropriate.

What happens if my wound does not improve?

Speak with your healthcare provider, who may consider a referral to a specialist such as the vascular, tissue viability or a dermatologist. A second treatment with Accel-Heal can also be considered.

How do I dispose of each device after each 48-hour treatment period?

Accel-Heal devices are medical electrical devices and should not be disposed of with general waste. Used Accel-Heal devices should be decontaminated and disposed of in a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) disposal facility, provided by health establishments. Patients can hand back devices to their health care provider for disposal in the appropriate local facility.

How do I secure the Accel-Heal unit?

The electrode pads adhere to the skin underneath your usual wound dressing. The device can be tucked into the external dressing on your wound, or your clothing so you can carry on as normal. It is also small enough to tuck discreetly into a pocket.

Can Accel-Heal be used under compression?

Yes, the Accel-Heal electrodes can be applied underneath compression therapy, and the device can be attached to the outermost layer of bandages.

Can you pause it during treatment?

The device can be turned off and on but wherever possible should be left in situ and switched on for the 48 hour period.

Can I trial an Accel-Heal device?

Samples are provided for healthcare professionals for specific patients as part of a formal evaluation.

How can Accel-Heal help you?