Independent Investigator Clinical Study (IIS)

What is an iis?

IIS are clinical or scientific studies initiated and managed by organisations other than commercial companies. Accel-Heal are accepting requests for support for those who wish to conduct an independent study.

Types of research eligible for application:

  • Clinical studies, including RCTs
  • Quality improvement programmes
  • Retrospective chart reviews
  • Case series

Who can apply?

  • Healthcare professionals and researchers
  • Healthcare departments and institutions
  • University research groups
  • Patient advocate groups

Outcomes of interest include:

  • Quality of life in particular, pain-related outcomes
  • Healing-related outcomes
  • Cost-effectiveness outcomes
  • DFU
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Short-term effects of Accel-Heal on inflammation
  • Other suggestions are welcomed

What kind of support can be applied for?

We will consider all requests. Types of support may include, for example:

  • Product (Accel-Heal devices)
  • Expert support (e.g. data analysis, support from an independent
    medical writer etc)

Download the proposal form

Our process

1. Complete forms

Please Click here to download our IIS proposal form

2. Submit proposal

Email your proposal as instructed in the proposal form. Please note, only studies that include Accel-Heal in an on-label indication should be submitted.

3. Proposal reviewed

Your proposal will be reviewed to determine whether the study:

  • Has scientific and clinical merit
  • Is a good fit with our strategic goals
  • Is feasible
  • Is ethical
  • Is innovative – whether the study breaks new ground
  • Is compliant with regulations and is safe for patients
  • Is likely to result in a quality publication
  • Whether requested support is proportional
4. Decision communicated

We will seek further information, if needed, before making a final decision. We will communicate our decision via email.

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