Accel-Heal® relieves pain1,2 and stimulates healing1–6 by delivering a preset, automated programme of subsensory electrical pulses to the wound during a 12-day treatment course.

A single-use, portable, easy-to-use device, Accel-Heal® is ideal for independent use by the patient in their own home together with their standard therapy.

It is clinically proven to promote and stimulate healing1–6 and improve patient quality of life1,5,7,8.

How can Accel-Heal help you?


Electrical stimulation is one of the most evidence-based technologies in wound management and is proven to be effective in accelerating healing in multiple wound types and reducing wound pain. It is safe to use and has minimal side effects.


Accel-Heal is an easy-to-use electrical stimulation device for hard-to-heal wounds which relieves pain and stimulates healing. A small, portable device, Accel-Heal provides advanced therapy in a simple way that can be managed by patients or carers at home.

Clinical evidence

A wealth of studies have recognised that electric stimulation improves the healing process whilst reducing pain and inflammation. Learn more about the evidence behind Accel-Heal and how it allows patients to recover faster and get back to their daily lives.

Latest news

Company news, announcements and resources. Find out more about Accel-Heal and how we have improved the healing process for patients suffering with chronic wounds.


Questions and answers for clinicians and patients. Read more for insights and advice on how to use the Accel-Heal device and what you can expect from treatment.


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