Success stories

Mr C

Mr C from Rochester had suffered with two ulcers for over a year. In late April 2012 he presented with wounds measuring 8.5cm x 3mm in depth and 2cm x 3mm in depth. He had to use crutches to assist him with walking, was experiencing a lot of pain and unpleasant amounts of fluid.

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Mrs EY Draft

Mrs EY

Mrs EY is an 81-year-old widow with two sons and six grandchildren. She is a retired teacher. She was a keen golfer, and although unable to play anymore following hip replacement surgery, she remains an active member of the golf club’s social club. She is also a regular bridge player.

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Mrs SB

Mrs SB is a 57-year-old lady who is married with three children and works full time as a children and families social worker. She is usually an active member of her church community and likes to socialise with her family and friends.

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Mother and Daughter

Mrs DS

Mrs DS is an 83-year-old widow who suffers from dementia but has a very supportive daughter. The patient gave consent for her daughter to explain how the ulceration affected her personally and the impact it had on their family unit.

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Information for Patients

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