TVNI Meeting 2017

Published : 06/04/2017

John in Dublin
John Gildersleeve delivering a speech to Irish Tissue Viability Nurses

Synapse Electroceutical Limited were proud sponsors of the Irish Tissue Viability Nurse Association bi-annual working group meeting which was held on 30th March at the Kilmainham Hilton Hotel, Dublin.

A presentation was delivered by Liz Ovens, Independent Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist and Associate Lecturer on the benefits and cost effectiveness of incorporating Accel‑Heal® into a clinical pathway to improve clinical outcomes for patients with leg ulcers.

Liz discussed the challenging complexities in managing venous leg ulcers (VLUs) including the varying treatment modalities and in particular, the role and associated treatment with electroceutical technology. She spoke from her personal experience as a practitioner of the significant clinical benefit and improvement in quality of life for VLU patients treated with electroceutical technology.

The Irish experience of VLU patients treated with this technology was presented by the group and stimulated much discussion and interest in this subject.

John Gildersleeve, CEO Synapse Electroceutical Technology spoke of the journey from “curiosity to credibility” outlining the stages from concept to design to market for Accel-Heal®, a unique electroceutical treatment for leg ulcers.

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