Synapse Electroceutical Limited supports Bromley Healthcare Charity

Published : 11/04/2017

Cheque Presentation to Leg club
John Gildersleeve presenting a cheque to Frank Hall, Volunteer/Treasurer of the Leg Club

Synapse Electroceutical Limited has offered a hand of support to the Bromley Healthcare Charity in the form of sponsoring the activities of its Leg Club Charity. The donation from Synapse Electroceutical Limited will assist in the continuous activities of the leg club in providing support to its members and the local community.

Susan Duke, who manages the Bromley Healthcare Charity, explained: “To organise such a Club requires funding. Up until now members and volunteers have done an excellent job in raising most of the funds to cover their running costs and social activities"

Last year, Frank Hall, Bromley Healthcare specialist nurse, (also a volunteer/Treasurer of the Leg Club), Mark and David Hall (his two sons) and Marc Barton (husband of the Chair of the Leg Club) organised an annual 20 mile sponsored fun run and raised £1733. “However, more funds are needed to keep the Leg Club going” said Raoul Pinnell, Chair of the Trustees of the Bromley Healthcare Charity, “and we are delighted to have secured a £5,000 donation from Synapse Electroceutical Limited, a local company who have developed an innovative leg ulcer treatment, Accel-Heal."

John Gildersleeve, CEO of Synapse Electroceutical Limited said: We are delighted to support the work of the Leg Club. We are passionate about improving the lives of patients suffering from hard to heal wounds and on relieving the burden that such wounds place on patients, their families and on healthcare providers.

William, who is a member of the Leg Club, used Accel‑Heal® as part of his treatment plan and said: “I had stoically put up with a horrid sore on my leg and have to admit that I was suffering significant discomfort. Following a referral from my GP, the Accel‑Heal® treatment was incorporated into my care plan and I still can’t believe how quickly it healed. I also enjoy the social side of the Club as I have retired and it helps me to get out of the house and meet new people.”

The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation was set up to help people who are recovering from leg wounds. The local Leg Club in Bromley is supported by the Bromley Healthcare Charity and meets every Wednesday from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm at the Court Farm Evangelical Church Hall, 198 Court Farm Road, London SE9 4JS.

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