Accel‑Heal® Technologies Limited acquires the business of Synapse Electroceutical

Published : 10/02/2020

Andy Boyes, CEO of Accel‑Heal® Technologies Limited, reports on the acquisition of the business of Synapse Electroceutical.

I strongly believe that electrical stimulation has a real potential to transform outcomes in  patients suffering with painful, hard-to-heal wounds. It is now one of the most evidence based therapies in wound management having shown its efficacy to stimulate healing and help to relieve pain in numerous clinical trials. The challenge has always been how to incorporate what has been perceived as a complex therapy, into frontline clinical practice. Accel‑Heal®, as a pre-programmed, single-use, portable and easy to use electrical stimulation device has been developed to address this challenge.

I am, therefore, delighted to announce that the development of this technology can continue in our new company, Accel‑Heal® Technologies Limited, which has secured long term funding and has acquired the business and assets of Synapse Electroceutical Limited. I am particularly pleased that the transaction keeps the broader team together as we are all committed to raising the profile of electrical stimulation in wound care for the benefit of patients and their carers

I am very grateful to all that have supported the development of Accel‑Heal® through the Synapse Electroceutical years and now with Accel‑Heal® Technologies. The support has been far-reaching; from our employees, Scientific Advisory Board, distributors, electronics consultants, and suppliers through to all the key opinion leaders and healthcare practitioners who share our belief in the technology. The generosity and goodwill demonstrated by all is enormously appreciated and I am confident that we have the right team to accelerate the adoption of Accel‑Heal® into everyday clinical practice.

With my fellow directors and the firm of administrators we have appointed, I am also responsible for the orderly wind down of Synapse Electroceutical and the distribution of the remaining assets. It is testament to the goodwill generated with so many of our stakeholders that we are able to continue running the business so seamlessly during this time, and it is the new company’s intention to continue our association with all those stakeholders.

I am very excited about the plans we have  to progress the clinical adoption, build further evidence, and ultimately enable more patients to benefit from this exciting and effective technology.

Andy Boyes

Chief Executive Officer

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