Accel‑Heal® offers a potential saving of £495 million to the NHS

Published : 15/12/2015

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The cost of wound care in the UK is between £5.1 and £4.5 billion a year and with an estimated 2.2 million wounds managed in the NHS annually1.

Latest paper on the cost effectiveness of Accel‑Heal® shows that its use for the treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers (VLUs) affords the NHS a 34% reduction in the requirement for nursing visits, and a 26% reduction in the number of dressings used. This results in an overall cost saving of 11%.

If applied across the board for the treatment of complex wounds in the UK Accel‑Heal® potentially offers the NHS an annual saving of £495 million. View the Clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness of an externally applied electroceutical device in managing venous leg ulcers in clinical practice in the UK paper here

1Guest JF, Ayoub N, Mcllwraith T, et al. Health economic burden that wounds impose on the National Health service in the UK. BMJ Open 2015:5 e009283. do.10.1136/bmjopen-2015-009283

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