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Recommendations for using Accel‑Heal®

Accel‑Heal® is very simple and easy to use. It has been developed and designed to be used alongside standard dressings, without the need to change your patients treatment plan.

It is wearable with each unit measuring at 7cm X 4cm X 2cm and can be placed underneath dressings and bandages, enabling your patients to continue with everyday activities.

It is recommended that Accel‑Heal® is used on leg ulcers that will comfortably fit under a 10cm X 10cm dressing and if the ulcer has not healed or is not on the path of healing after 6 weeks of treatment from a qualified practitioner following best practice guidelines.

How to use Accel‑Heal®

The Accel‑Heal® 12 day treatment course consists of six 48 hour single use units and connected electrode pads. The electrode pads should be applied to healthy skin either side of the wound and then connected to the Accel‑Heal® unit, during a standard care procedure (dressing change).

The unit is then activated using a simple on/off switch, tucked into the external dressing and left to work for 48 hours. Once the 48 hour treatment has finished, the unit will automatically turn itself off. A new unit should then be attached to the electrodes, with the used unit disposed of safely. The units should be applied consecutively during the 12 day treatment course.

It is comfortable to sleep on and its compact size means patients can continue with everyday activities. 

Quality Standards

Accel‑Heal® is designed and manufactured to conform with the highest standards of quality and safety. It adheres to the quality standards dictated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Medical Devices Directive, Medical Device Classification and CE marking. All medical devices should be classified through the Medical Devices Classification, based on the risk the product poses to the patient or end user. Accel‑Heal® is a Class IIA device as it is an active therapeutic device intended to administer or exchange energy to/from the human body in a non hazardous way.

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