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How big is an Accel‑Heal® unit?

Accel‑Heal® is a small, portable and discrete device measuring just 7cm x 4cm x 2cm.

How is Accel‑Heal® used?

Each Accel‑Heal® EAE treatment course consists electrode pad plasters and six, single use, pre-programmed 48 hour battery operated units (to be applied consecutively). The supplied electrode pad plasters should be applied to healthy skin either side of the wound and then connected to the Accel‑Heal® EAE unit, during a standard care procedure (dressing change). The unit is then activated using an on/off switch, tucked into the external dressing and left to work for 48 hours. Once the 48 hour dose of treatment has finished, the unit will automatically turn itself off. A new unit is then attached to the electrodes, with the used (old) unit disposed off safely.

How soon will I see results with Accel‑Heal®?

Accel‑Heal® is not expected nor designed to heal the wound within the 12 day treatment course. The 12 day treatment course induces the healing process, while standard care is continued. Patients may notice an improvement in granulation and a reduction in exudate, wound oedema and pain soon after beginning the Accel‑Heal® treatment course.

I would like to buy Accel‑Heal®. How can I do that?

Please contact us at or call us on -.

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