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Supported by a wealth of clinical evidence, Accel‑Heal® is the ideal choice for patients suffering with poorly or non-healing ulcers because it works by addressing a key reason why wounds do not heal. It delivers a sequence of pre-programmed, low-level and painless electrical energy through the skin surface which helps to reduce the inflammation and improves cell migration to the ulcer site. This results in tissue repair turning a non-healing ulcer into one that heals normally.

Used alongside standard dressings without the need for a change in treatment plan, Accel‑Heal® improves treatment outcomes and the quality of life and wellbeing for patients by:

  • Stimulating healing in hard to heal or non-healing leg ulcers
  • Helping to reduce pain
  • Reducing exudate
  • Reducing oedema

It is a 12 day treatment course, consisting of six battery powered 48 hour single use units and connected electrode pads.

Evidence based, cost and clinically effective

The clinical efficacy of Accel‑Heal® has been established in a number of independent evaluations.

A recent study to assess the effectiveness of Accel‑Heal® demonstrated a significant reduction to the ulcer size, exudate levels and pain in 95% of the patients, with 77% achieving full closure. The treatment yielded an average of 34% reduction in the requirement for nurse visits and a 26% reduction in the number of dressings used. All patients with a wound duration of under 12 months acheived 100% wound healing.

Treating wounds with Accel‑Heal® at the optimal point in a care pathway would impact on long-term savings with at least a 35% annual saving to the NHS.

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