For Clinicians

An innovative treatment for healing leg ulcers

Accel‑Heal® brings clinicians a tool that enables an ulcer to heal before it becomes complex.

Leg ulcers are commonly slow to heal with many ulcers still remaining unhealed at six months or longer following treatment. Accel‑Heal® is an innovative treatment that promotes and stimulates healing in leg ulcers through the use of electroceutical energy. 

Improving clinical outcomes for patients

Developed and designed with ease of clinical application and patient comfort in mind, Accel‑Heal® delivers a sequence of pre-programmed, low level and painless electrical energy through the skin surface, helping to reduce the inflammation and improving cell migration to the ulcer site; thereby resulting in tissue repair and turning a non-healing ulcer into one that heals normally.

Supported by a wealth of clinical evidence, Accel‑Heal® improves treatment outcomes and the quality of life and wellbeing for patients by:

  • Stimulating healing in hard to heal or non-healing leg ulcers
  • Helping to reduce pain
  • Reducing exudate
  • Reducing oedema

Information for Clinicians

Accel-Heal product shot