Evidence Supporting EST

Electrical Stimulation Therapy (EST) is one of the most widely evidence-based therapy areas in wound management. The extensive evidence base includes nine meta-analyses (scroll down), eight systematic reviews and over 35 RCTs, that describe the efficacy of EST in wound management.

Although the EST described in these studies is delivered via a variety of formats and stimulation parameters, this evidence base does provide a high level of validity and confidence in the science, mode of action and clinical effect of this technology platform.

9 meta-analyses, 8 systematic reviews, >35 RCTs


Nine meta-analyses support the ability of EST to enhance wound-related outcomes.

Describes how electrical stimulation is effective in treating a wide range of wound types including VLU, DFU, PU and mixed ulcers1
"Consider the use of direct contact (capacitive) electrical stimulation to facilitate wound healing in recalcitrant Category/Stage II pressure ulcers as well as any Category/Stage III and IV pressure ulcers" 2

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1. Piaggesi et al J Wound Care, 2018:27(6), Suppl 6,
2. NPUAP, Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers: Quick Reference Guide (Haesler E, ed.) Osborne Park, Australia: Cambridge Media; 2014

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