Driving innovation into practice with Accel-Heal

Targeting a key cause of why wounds do not heal 

Accel-Heal is an externally applied electroceutical (EAE)¹ for the treatment of complex wounds*. It is a 12 day treatment course consisting of six, battery powered, 48 hour single use units, applied consecutively. Accel-Heal is the only EAE proven ² to expedite effective healing by changing physiological processes implicated in wound complexity; it targets a key underlying cause of why wounds do not heal and become complex. Accel-Heal is listed within the Drug Tariff, and available for clinical prescribing in England Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Improving outcomes at reduced costs

Current healing rates and clinical outcomes in patients with complex wounds suggests that existing practice for the treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers (VLUs) is inadequate and fiscally burdensome. The application of Accel-Heal can improve VLU healing rates and patient outcomes to provide significant cost savings to health care providers. Incorporating Accel-Heal into clinical care pathways based on latest research and evidence³ eases the resource burden on the NHS and its availability within Drug Tariff will make it more widely available to all patients who need it.

Changing lives

Accel-Heal makes a significant, positive impact on the lives of patients.⁴ The impact of living with a wound reaches much deeper than the physical aspects of pain, heavy exudate and malodour. Complex wounds can have a severely debilitating effect on patients, causing depression and anxiety⁶ and the patients’ view of their life can have either a positive or negative effect on wound healing⁷.


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*A complex wound is defined as one that has received good standard care for 28 days from a suitably qualified practitioner and where the ulcer has not progressed to a satisfactory and expected level as defined by a reduction in size of 20%.