An innovative treatment for leg ulcers

Accel‑Heal® is a medical device clinically proven to promote and stimulate healing in leg ulcers through the use of electroceutical energy. It is a 12 day treatment course designed to restore the healing process in poor or non-healing ulcers.

How does it work?

Developed and designed with ease of application and patient comfort in mind, Accel‑Heal® delivers a sequence of pre-programmed, low level and painless electrical energy through the skin surface, helping to reduce inflammation and improving cell migration to the ulcer site. This results in tissue repair, turning a non-healing ulcer into one that heals normally.

Accel‑Heal® targets an underlying cause of why wounds fail to heal.

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For Patients

Supported by a wealth of clinical evidence, Accel‑Heal® is the proven choice for patients suffering with poorly or non-healing leg ulcers.

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For Clinicians

Developed and designed with ease of clinical application and patient comfort in mind, Accel‑Heal® addresses a key reason why complex wounds fail to follow a normal healing trajectory,

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For Commissioners

Accel‑Heal® is a cost effective solution to treating leg ulcers. A care pathway with Accel‑Heal® can change outcomes.

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